How to Do Space Buns on Short Hair

How to Do Space Buns on Short Hair

First, you should part your hair. Make sure your mane is parted down the middle. Then, start brushing the hair from the back of your head to the front. Once the hair is brushed out, place it in a ponytail and secure it using elastics or bobby pins. Then, place the space bun near the base of the ponytail. You should have the same amount of hair on each side.

The second step is to apply hairspray to your tresses. This will help keep your braids in place. Now, use bobby pins to hold the braid in place. You can adjust the placement later. Once you are satisfied with the placement of your hair, you can add more braids. The space bun will sit at the base of the ponytail. Once you have secured it, tie it up with an elastic.

To create a space bun, start by brushing your hair. Gather your hair in a pigtail. Then, use bobby pins to secure it in place. Using a rattail comb and hair elastics, secure your hair in a space bun. The bun will stay in place for a few hours. Don’t forget to use hairspray to keep it in place.

Before you braid your space bun, use hairspray on your tresses. This will prevent your braids from coming undone while your braids are in the air. Don’t forget to use a teasing brush or metal comb for a smooth finish. After you braid your hair, use a rattail comb to secure the knot. If you are comfortable with the results, you’ll be ready to wear space buns in no time.

Regardless of what your hair type is, the space bun is a cute and easy hairstyle that looks great with short hair. It takes a few steps, but is perfect for everyday wear. A rattail comb, a metal teasing comb, and bobby pins are all you need. A rattail comb is essential to keep the hair from falling down.

To make the space bun look elegant on short hair, start by teasing your hair. A ponytail is the base of a space bun. You can make a space bun from your hair, but it must be firmly secured. Alternatively, you can use a metal teasing comb to secure the space bun. After you’ve made your bun, leave your hair to dry for at least an hour.

The space bun is an easy way to style short hair. The upper portion is tied up and the bottom section is left loose. A space bun can be straight or curled. Ensure it is symmetrical. For a princess Leia style, you can tie a space bun closer to your ears. If you want to create a space bun in the middle of your head, make sure that the top part is also tied up.